F I L M   C O M P O S E R



O R C H E S T R A T O R          S O N G W R I T E R          M U S I C A L  D I R E C T O R          P I A N I S T          P R O D U C E R


"A prolific and successful composer"

- Sir Curtis Price, KBE (Warden of New College, Oxford

and former principal of the Royal Academy of Music).

"Brilliantly married to the pictures; fluid and exciting"

- Howard Goodall (Film and Television Composer).

"Very good to picture"

- Michael Price, Composer, Producer, Conductor, Arranger. (Lord of the Rings, Bridget Jones, Quantum of Solace, Sherlock).

"Adam is so talented, I wonder what he’ll be like in a few years time - I will probably be at his feet"

Nicholas Dodd, Film Orchestrator and Conductor (Stargate, Independence Day, the last five James Bond films, Avatar).

"An unbelievable body of work for someone his age"

- David Arnold, Film Composer (Stargate, Godzilla, Independence Day, the last five James Bond films, Sherlock).

"Adam is an incredibly talented young man"

- Andrea Carnevali (BBC Film Editor - The landmark BBC One David Dimbleby series, ‘Seven Ages of Britain’).

"Robust and inspiring music"

- Maggie Walsh (Drama Producer, The Shine Group; producers of the BBC One hit series, Merlin

"An incredibly gifted composer and songwriter... The ‘Rainstriker’ concept album is a real winner"

- John Kelleher (Head of Warner Classics & Jazz).

"Adam is clearly very talented and professional in his presentation all round"

- Allon Reich (Film producer, DNA films).

"The cinematic/trailer-style tracks are very strong in terms of ideas and writing and would like to discuss the possibility of Adam writing for our trailer library, KPMT"

- Alex Black & Iain Roberton (Heads of EMI KPMT in the UK).

"Adam is definitely talented with Logic and to create a 9-minute piece in 6 hours is no mean feat"

- Ben Walter, Screened Music Panellist and MD of the Jimmy Turner Music Consultancy; Referring to Adam’s original large-scale production score, ‘Advance of the Teutonic Knights’ - The battle on the ice sequence from Eisenstein’s great 1931 Russian epic ‘Alexander Nevsky’.